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Germany Opel Used car market opelautoboerse.de

Germany Opel Used car market

The online platform offers the Opel partners in cooperation with WebMobil24 exclusive opportunities in buying and selling via the Internet. About the Opel-B2B used car exchange (left) benefit Opel dealers of specially priced for resellers do.

"A good 50 percent more vehicles online"

Werner Metzler, Head of Used Car Management of Adam Opel AG:

"We offer our merchants about the Opel car market a free platform for them to vehicle marketing. For this, we cooperate with WebMobil24 as a service since October 2010. Meanwhile, use about 750 of our partners in Germany consistently show that service and currently around 56,500 new, showroom, used cars and commercial vehicles in the used car market. We have over 50 percent more vehicles online in comparison to our old platform. WebMobil24 provides our dealers with the office and vehicle management office cat a very simple software to load their vehicles in the stock market and with a forwarding feature to use any other used car stock exchanges. (...)"

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